Yoga Classes

The Ancient Art of Releasing Tensions, Bringing Balance to the Whole Mind/Body

Class times & location


At this time Sheryl is available for private or substitute class teaching only~

Group classes $10.00 per person

Private classes are $50.00

Yoga Style

Classes are taught classical Yoga style, beginning with Pranayama, (exploring many types of breath energy work).....Finishing the  class with Savasana (rest & relaxation).

Asana is practiced with core vitality, proper feet alignment, a neutral spine with-in the magnificence of each pose.

Sheryl uses a special teaching effect by explaining the attribute of the animal, plant, person or object of the poses.

Vinyasa~ Practice the rhythms of the poses with attention to the transitions as you explore and expand your steadiness and strength, as the seances are turned inward and the mind calms/focuses

Classes are for students new to yoga, and for those with a variety of experience ~


If class times are impossible for you to attend then download od purchase “The Journey” DVD for a practice to take everywhere you go.

Sheryl Wolover/yoga legends on YouTube
For tips and ideas for a Yoga practice

~Stepping Out Into New Ways Can Be Frightening and Thrilling~

I challenged myself by stretching away from the classical movements of YOGA into "Dance your Asana" YOGA.
This was scary, FUN as well as challenging!
Try something out of your character this month by putting on a new mask and costume.
Try a new forum of YOGA to stretch the mind, body, spirit >>>---->

This YOGA DANCE was set to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" was a THRILLER !

Find me in the right-back corner of the Yoga Dancers :)
*=Oceans+Mountains^^^^Of Peace, Sheryl

Sheryl Wolover in Bali Indonesia.
Pranayama practice ~ The 30 second Breathing Technique

Life's Journey with Mountain Pose By Sheryl Wolover
for Wise Woman forum

Sheryl Wolover shares the story sequence of the warrior poses
for Wise Woman forum

Sheryl Wolover refreshes us on the basics of the very 1st Asana
....the seated postion

Sheryl Wolover refreshes us on the basics of tree pose

Sheryl Wolover shares the summer back stretch

YOGA for the EYES: Windows to your soul and life

Introduction to the Journey Yoga DVD