Continuing Education for Health Care Providers

Continuing Education for Health Care Providers

Yoga Legends provides Continuing Education for Health Care Providers, too! This includes home care providers, nurses and massage therapists - anyone who could benefit from learning about proper body mechanics and alignment.Yoga Techniques for Health Care Providers

4 Hours / 4 Credits – $60.00

Take home Yoga DVD included!

Ease and efficiency of Yoga movements can protect Health Care Providers from unnecessary stress and pain.
Bending and reaching over the massage table or hospital bed can be stressful...
Self care is important to survive a long and healthy career as a Massage Therapist or Health Care provider.

You will learn:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing and Bandha awareness and how to teach this technique to others. Breath work is the key!
  • Connecting Movement and Breath to re-educate and maintain one's body.
  • Feel the power of strength and stretch within each pose because the position of your feet and head does matter.
  • Learn a flow of Yoga poses through a story to prevent "Burn-Out" and keep the mind happy.

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